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Legacy Testimonials (All text typos corrected! )
Flooded homes cut off for eight days in Herefordshire
as reported by the BBC 12 Feb 2014
Several families have reported being cut off by flood water in Herefordshire.
One woman had to be taken to hospital for important tests in a 4x4 response vehicle, provided by Herefordshire 4x4 Response, after being cut off for eight days.
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County’s 4X4 volunteers praised by Herefordshire health bosses
from a Press Release dated 22 Jan 2013
The Hereford 4X4 Response Team has been praised by health bosses at Wye Valley NHS Trust after the team of 15 volunteer drivers helped to bring in members of staff during the wintry weather which hit the county in mid January 2013.
“We’re extremely grateful to the members of staff who battled to get in despite the snow,” said Tim Tomlinson, director of service delivery at the Trust, “but there were some staff for whom there was no alternative but to rely on a lift from one of the Hereford 4X4 Response Team drivers.……”
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Drivers help snow-stranded medics in Herefordshire
As reported by BBC 22 December 2010
A group of 4x4 enthusiasts in Herefordshire are transporting medical staff around the county after further snowfall.
Volunteer drivers from Herefordshire 4x4 Response Group help out when conditions become dangerous or impassable for other vehicles.
Herefordshire Council said the north of the county had been hit by heavy snow and that gritters and ploughs were working to keep main roads open.
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full report on the BBC website
NHS Herefordshire, thanks teams who kept essential care going
As reported by the Hereford Times 17 February 2010
Jane Rogers, Chair, Provider Services, NHS Herefordshire thanked Herefordshire 4x4 Response group for their efforts in getting District Nurses to their patients during the snow that blighted the area in January & February 2010. Herefordshire 4x4 Response Network are a group of 4x4 vehicle drivers who gave their time voluntarily over several days.
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full report on the Hereford Times website